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Our society is founded on a very limited definition of power, namely wealth, professional success, fame, physical strength, military might, and political control. My dear friends, I suggest that there is another kind of power, a greater power: the power to be happy right in the present moment, free from addiction, fear, despair, discrimination, anger, and ignorance. This power is the birthright of every human being, whether celebrated or unknown, rich or poor, strong or weak.
Thich Nhan Hanh, The Art of Power, p. 1

Let us all embody the virtues of the Bodhisattvas:

1. Compassion

2. Wisdom

3. Understanding

4. Peacefulness

5. Gentleness

6. Kindness

7. Fortitude

8. Steadfastness

9. Happiness

Striving to live these through our actions and words is to help all realize the true illuminating power of the Buddha-mind.

Anonymous (via zentaku)
My philosophy is that the universe is what it is no matter what we believe about it, so we should always hold our beliefs loosely. The history of humanity is a history of changing our beliefs in light of new evidence. It’s rigidly held belief that always gets us into trouble.
Kevin Miller, director of the new documentary Hellbound

The Whole Foods Drinking Spree That Never Was

…Even when you’re the one who walks away, and you’re convinced that moving on is for the best, the loss of a partner leaves a heartache – a beating beast of pain that can’t simply be tranquilized. You rake yourself over the coals, breaking down and analyzing your own behavior at a microscopic level. You weep, you rage, and you blame. You suffer a thousand piercing needles of doubt and misery. You concoct schemes for begging your way back home, wondering how you’ll explain that to your family and friends. You convince yourself, in ways both subtle and silly, that you’ll never find anyone to love you ever again.

To my credit, when my relationship ended, I didn’t go on a drinking spree. What I did do was try and find another relationship, ASAP. It’s a pattern: I deal with love lost by flinging myself into someone else’s lap. Only it wasn’t working. I would meet people, and would either be standoff-ish or too aggressive. I was conscious of what I was doing, and was repulsed by it; I knew I was groping about for ways to numb myself.

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Even those of us who are the most sensitive to praise and appreciation can learn to be so secure within ourselves that the word rejected can be expelled from our dictionary. The one person who will never reject us is the divine Self within, and that is enough to make up for all the rejections we may have to undergo at the hands of everyone else.
Eknath Easwaran

How Should You Feel When Some Fucker You Hate Kicks It?

My feelings are more mixed. I feel sad for his wife and for his kids, who have lost a husband and a father. From the sounds of it, Breitbart’s schedule was insane; indeed, as Andrew Sullivan noted, he may have worked himself to death. Which would make Breitbart a symptom of the sickness of our times in more ways than one.

Am I angry at Breitbart for his role in the farcical pantomime that is modern American politics? Yeah. But I’d wish that something other than an untimely death had stopped him. A personal reckoning, or a spiritual awakening of some kind. Perhaps a massive heart attack that led him to conclude he should spend what little time he might have left on this Earth being a dude and a dad.

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For Santorum, as for Ratzinger, if your conscience says one thing, and the Pope says another, you obey the Pope, not your conscience. And for the Christianists, if your conscience or intelligence says one thing, and the Bible says another, you obey the Bible, not your conscience, and certainly not your intelligence. Because beneath Christianism is a deep fear of the human mind - as if they actually believe that reason is stronger than religion and therefore must be restrained. As if the human mind can will God out of existence.
Andrew Sullivan, “Santorum Exposes The Real Republican Party
The sacred, I shall say, is that which acts as your partner in the search for the highest and deepest things: the real, the true, the good, and the beautiful.
Brendan Myers, Ph.D., in his article “Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear" on The Wild Hunt

The End of Church, or The Beginning of Spirit?

And that, to me, is the true meaning of “religion” – from the Latin religare, “to bind together”. I felt this binding together at Gaia’s Temple. I feel it when I practice zazen with my fellow Buddhists. Rather than being bound by doctrine, we come together around a few principle ideas or practices that are sacred to us. The officiants of such practices are highly esteemed in the community, and may even have special recognitions bestowed upon them. But they’re not there, generally, to chastise us for our sinful ways. They lead practice. They instruct gently. They remind us, over and over again, to come back to who we really are.

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Holy Mother, in whom we live, move, and have our being, from you all things emerge and unto you all things return…

Open our hearts this blessed day. Touch our bodies and our minds. Walk with us through the gates of power, in shadow and starlight, in fire meeting earth, in wind on the ocean and the sweet kiss of life.

Blessed be our journey.

T. Thorn Coyle, prayer from her book Evolutionary Witchcraft
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